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Natural Egyptian Loofah Bundle Wooden Back Scrubber + Glove+ Pad + Long Body Scrubber

Natural Egyptian Loofah Bundle Wooden Back Scrubber + Glove+ Pad + Long Body Scrubber

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Discover our Egyptian Shower Loofa Bundle, your complete set for a natural exfoliating experience. This kit combines our top picks: The Pad for targeted exfoliation, the 2-Sided Glove for versatile scrubbing, the Elastic Scrubber for easy reach, and the Stick Loofa for extended back care. Made from 100% eco-friendly, natural Egyptian loofah, each product is crafted to meet all your skin's exfoliating needs, promoting a healthy glow. Offering excellent value, this bundle ensures you have the perfect tool for any situation, bringing a spa-quality cleanse right into your home. Experience the ultimate in skin rejuvenation with this comprehensive loofah collection.


100% naturally-grown Egyptian loofa

How to use

Wet the loofa with warm water to soften it, apply your favorite body wash, and gently scrub your body in circular motions to exfoliate dead skin cells. Rinse well after use and hang it to dry for a natural, refreshing cleanse.


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Our eco-friendly, 100% naturally grown Egyptian Loofas will forever transform your shower experience and skin health. Showering, a crucial part of daily hygiene, is often compromised by the use of generic plastic scrubbers that harm your skin. Nile Natural introduces a sustainable alternative with our biodegradable, chemical-free Egyptian Loofas, designed to provide a deep exfoliating experience that removes dead skin layers and offers a spa-like treatment at home. Our commitment is to revolutionize skincare by offering a natural exfoliant that not only safeguards your skin from the abrasive effects of plastic scrubbers but also nurtures the healthy cells underneath, distinguishing our loofas from Asian-grown and plastic loofas.